Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 Update

Greetings SCOD fans! There's a LOT to catch up on since the last post. First let's start with these three sketches:

Each person that registers as a SCOD fan gets free stickers and a sketch. These are the first three for the year!

Serious production of "The 13th of Friday!" is underway! Finally! Though our team is not fully assembled, most of it is, and momentum is building! Here are stills from what we're working on now:

After many stalls and setbacks last year, 2008 is making up for it quickly! Right now we have well over two minutes of animation completed of an estimated five. Presently we will reach the half-way mark sometime next week. Hopes are high that we could get close to completion in February. We'll see... I'm anxious to show clips but am holding back. I want to document the production without ruining the final piece (somehow). Always hate it when they show too much in the previews. If you are an animation enthusiast, classic horror enthusiast -or both, sign up as a fan through the site and you'll get to see sneak peaks of the animation as we update the work reel with new scenes, backgrounds, and animation!

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Jeff said...

That Bambi sketch is mine! Thanks again, it's great!