Thursday, June 14, 2007


S.C.O.D. reached another level today when the first draft of the opening theme song was created by none other than Thomas Amason and the Gazillionaires. Thom contacted me about a project he is working on after seeing my Carl Doodle video on YouTube. It turns out that Thom, guitarist of Love Arcade, is not only a prolific song writer and musician, but also an animation enthusiast and creator. He is working on his own cartoon show slated to be voiced by himself along with a variety of music industry talent. It's called The Zoo and you can learn more about it HERE. It wasn't long before I mentioned S.C.O.D. and we soon decided to collaborate, trading work on each other's shows. Thom got together today with Nathanael A+, keyboardist of Love Arcade and music producer of Gazillionaires, and banged out an awesome first version of Summer Camp of Death's theme song! I'm proud to share it with you! Check it out!


We already discussed some tweaks that will be made, and I want to write some more lyrics and make it a little longer. But I can't wait to put some images and titles to this song!

On a different subject, I wanted to follow up with the last post. The company that was super interested in S.C.O.D. and asked for a budget became super dis-interested just as quickly as they got excited in the first place. It was a bummer at first, but I'm really happy to have gotten that far. I also now have a budget and schedule to work with. I have always planned on making cartoons for S.C.O.D. independently, and we are getting farther along each day. I plan on doing major work on the show this winter, possibly making it my full time job for several months!

Please let me know what you think of the theme song!

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Chris said...

Right on Oogie! That song brings all the most memorable facets of the 80's hair/metal/slasher genre into a great succinct package! Great musical sting that really sets the mood!

Doc Oog Strikes Again!