Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Closer Than Ever


Hello fans. I'm happy to tell you that we pitched the series to a NYC internet video content site, and the meeting went quite well. For the first time, we were asked to attend a second meeting in a week or so, and submit a proposal with a budget and schedule. I created one this Saturday, and I have to say that it was almost as fun as drawing and animating! To think about the project, and to sit down and figure out just how long it would take, and just how much it would cost, was a very exciting step in our efforts to bring our show to the public. Of course, we're still somewhat far from a signed contract, but as usual, I consider this a great success. We're waiting to find out how appealing the show is in terms of an internal revue, measuring such things as what the demographic is, how easy it is to reach it's demographic, and whether it can attract ad sales, etc. And of course, they still need to review the script, but we're assuming they'll love it!

Thanks to everyone who continues to show support for this idea. With any luck, they'll approve the budget and we can finally make our cartoon! Also, I've had two more fans sign up for stickers, so I've posted the two sketches that I'll be mailing out soon. The first one ever for Derek, and a second of Gary.

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