Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Legend of Dr. Hooke

Hello S.C.O.D. fans! Let's catch up on a few things. Check out the image below. Here's a good example of a quick Mell-stabbed-through-the-head doodle.

As you may know, you can sign up to become a S.C.O.D. fan to recieve free stickers. But what you don't know, is that I've been sending all the official fans a letter, packed with stickers and also an original inked doodle. This one above is next in line to be sent to S.C.O.D.'s next official fan. They're fun to do, and I'll keep including them until I get too busy (which probably won't be for a while, so it's not like a threat or anything...). So far, everyone has gotten a Mell-stabbed-through-the-head doodle except for one lucky person who received a Gary-stabbed-through-the-head doodle. If you have not recieved your stickers yet, it might be because you applied without sending some important info like your City and State. Yes that's happened at least one time. No prob. Just resend your info!

Now on to some other fun stuff! The webisode I'm working on now, the latest masterpiece, is called "The 13th of Friday!" which aside from making no sense, is destined to be a cult classic of animated, web, horror-comedy. It is now dubbed 'the first webisode', and what you can currently see on the site are now 'studies'. With that in mind I've finally accepted that the latest masterpiece is going to realistically take another three or four months to finish (ouch!). I know. Sucks. But it's got a beginning, middle, and end, and has several scenes (more backgrounds), a few murders, and some very bizarre sexual situations! So needless to say, it'll be worth the wait!

Also, I had the fortune to meet with another big network about a week ago. Although I didn't feel the meeting went as well as it could have, there is interest in reading my script (cool!). Even though I like my pilot, I think episode two is a lot better. So, I decided to do the hard thing and finish the script and turn that in instead. Now it's finished, which is great, but its become a half-hour show, which the last few networks have been more into, and well, I don't know exactly what I've got. It's like Frankenstein or something. You can make him, but after you electrocute him back from the dead, you don't know what the hell he'll do! I'll do the usual and pass it around to my friends and see what they think. I can say that adding twice as much material in one story allows a lot more characters and a much more complex narrative giving the whole thing a different flavor. I'll probably weigh my friends' critiques and make several revisions before turning it in for review, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it. Episode two is currently titled "The Legend of Dr. Hooke" (a twisted tale derived from the urban legend of the escaped convict with the hook-hand). It's sure to be sillier, spookier, and more retarded than anything to date!

One last thing. I finally met someone over at Fangoria who might be the right person to talk to! Exciting! I've always wondered if they would be into S.C.O.D. and hopefully I can soon find out!

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